wood privacy fence

Do you want a traditional or rustic look for your home? Are metal fences not your style? Would you like your yard to be more private, even if you have neighbors?

You're in luck!

Wood privacy fences are one of the most popular fencing styles in the business today. Not only do they make a property feel cozy and private, but they're also nice to look at and, when properly maintained, can last for many years.

Perks of Wood Privacy Fence

Wood privacy fences are cost-effective.

Wood fences can be painted or stained to your liking.

These fences are simple to install and don't require a complete overhaul of your property.

Wood fences help keep animals and children safely in the yard and give you additional privacy in the process.

Ranchers Pipe and Steel: Your Source for Wood Privacy Fence

As one of the leading fence companies in Tulsa, we know a thing or two about wood fencing. Whether you're looking to overhaul your backyard or swap out your tired old chain-link fence for something new, our team of experienced, trustworthy fencing contractors is here to help.

If you're not exactly sure what type of wood fence you'd like, we'll work with you to help you decide on materials and height. If you don't want to get your hands dirty putting the fence in, our team of professional installers will do it for you. From beginning to end, our fencing professionals will give you the support, information, and unbiased approach you need to make smart fencing decisions for your home.

And when it's all done, you'll have a beautiful wood privacy fence you can love for years to come.

To learn more about our service, or to talk to our team of friendly professionals, give us a call today. We're looking forward to helping you!